This Is What 18-35 Year Old Millennials Are Searching For But Are Afraid To Ask

Millennials. You’re either with them, or against them. Sure, they spend most of their time listening to EDM on their Beats By Dre headphones while surfing the information superhighway (obviously), but what are they really thinking? What are the burning questions of America’s current generation?

The answer’s might surprise you. Literally, they may actually surprise you because questions about twerking, molly, and hummus (yup) all make the cut. 

According to our friends over at Yahoo, these are the top 10 questions 18-35 year olds search (on Yahoo, mind you) but are afraid to ask out loud.

  1. how to twerk
  2. how to boil an egg
  3. what is molly
  4. what is a ratchet makeover
  5. what is hummus
  6. what is a synonym
  7. what is hpv
  8. what is a gif
  9. how to write a resume
  10. who is robin thicke

And in case (like your elderly, wizened, apparently clueless correspondent here) you didn’t know what ratchet was, here’s a freebie:

(h/t: Yahoo Search! Tumblr, image: Shutterstock)