20 Great GIFs Provided By Our Neighors To The North On Canada Day

Although us Big Dog shirt-wearing, Lynyrd Skynyrd cover band-listening, TLC-watching proud Americans hate to admit it, this week isn’t just about us. No, we have to share the week, the week of our independence, with CANADIANS, for today is Canada Day and while I have no idea what that entails, I’m sure poutine is involved.

To make nice with our friendly, inoffensive neighbors to the north, I’ve put together a collection of GIFs featuring some of Canada’s finest famous people, whose contributions to pop culture are endlessly memorable. For without the honorary Mountie known as Norm Macdonald, how else would we know Burt Reynold’s other name?

1. Will Arnett (Via)

2. Dan Aykroyd (Via)

3. John Candy (Via)

4. Jim Carrey (Via)

5. Elisha Cuthbert (Via)

6. Nathan Fillion (Via)

7. Michael J. Fox (Via)

8. Ryan Gosling (Via)

9. Phil Hartman (Via)

10. Kids in the Hall (Via)

11. Norm Macdonald (Via)

12. Rachel McAdams (Via)

13. Rick Moranis (Via)

14. Mike Myers (Via)

15. Leslie Nielsen (Via)

16. Catherine O’Hara (Via)

17. Jessica Paré (Via)

18. Seth Rogen (Via)

19. William Shatner (Via)

20. Cobie Smulders (Via)