20 Of The Creepiest Female Celebrities With Beards

Upping the creepiness ante on celebrites without eyebrows, FreakingNews.com recently conducted a three day “bearded women” photoshop contest ($5 first prize!) to unearth the surreal talents of disturbed underground photoshoppers the web wide. I’m not sure who won, but I do know mustache rides have a whole new meaning.

It’s not so much the bearded ladies that freak me out (we’ve all spent our fair share of time around carny folk, right?). It’s the detail that’s been put into chest and arm hair — and even the occasional unibrow or furry shoulder — that is going to fuel my nightmares. The contest might as well have been a call to re-imagine female celebrities as Serbian men.

So here are the twenty creepiest, according to yours truly. I was going to title each one but decided some ladies are so unrecognizable it might be fun to debate in the comments. Also I’m lazy and slightly hungover.

FreakingNews.com via Tastefully Offensive

I think we know who won first place in our hearts.