Here Are 10 Of The Best Mashups From 2013 To Help Get You To The New Year

Who among us would have guessed a year ago that 2013 would bring us not only a crack-smoking Canadian mayor, but also the girl from Hannah Montana dry-humping Alan Thicke’s son on national television?

2013 was chocked full of pop culture moments and bizarre news stories that have all lent themselves to wonderful mashups. Here are 10 of 2013’s finest mashups that are worth watching RIGHT NOW if you somehow missed them throughout the year.

10. David Hasselhoff raps the Fresh Prince theme song.

The fact that someone had to suffer through hours upon hours of old Baywatch and Knight Rider episodes to make this video warrants its place on the list. The Hoff being gunned down at the end while dressed in drag is just the cherry on the top.

9. Breaking Bad meshes with Weird Al’s “Albuquerque.”

Because of this video, it’s now my belief that Vince Gilligan created Breaking Bad simply so this mashup with Weird Al’s “Albuquerque” could exist. Al and Heisenberg own the next 11 minutes of your time.

8. The Sanford & Son version of “Blurred Lines.”

There were countless mashups of “Blurred Lines” this year, and it was a toss-up between Sanford & Son and The Cosby Show version. Robin Thicke can only wish he had the moves of Redd Foxx.

7. Every Single James Hetfield “YEAH.”

James Hetfield is really good at screaming “YEAH,” and here’s three minutes of nothing but “YEAH”s to prove it. Josh Kurp said it best, “Like snowflakes flying from the sky, no two Hetfield ‘YEAH’s are alike.”

6. Steve Buscemi gets a face mashup with Emma Watson.

Conan O’Brien’s been doing the “If They Mated” bit since the ’90s, but the weirdness is taken a step further with this video fusion of Steve Buscemi and Emma Watson. Please accept my apologies for any nightmares.

5. Tobias Fünke makes a cameo in The Shinning.

As part of the promotion for the new season of Arrested Development, Ron Howard introduced the world to Dr. Tobias Fünke’s, There’s something about Tobias Fünke participating in an orgy with a furry and a butler, that works perfectly with the rest of Kubrick’s version of The Shinning.

4. Workaholics crosses over into the Saved By The Bell universe.

There have been a lot of Saved by the Bell mashups over the years, but Workaholics is rather new to the mashup universe. Bear suits, red solo cups, and the cheesy Bayside High intro music keep everything tight butthole.

3. Arnold Schwarzenegger voices Darth Vader.

This is probably better than anything we can expect from the Disney reboots.

2. Chris Farley tells the Rob Ford story.

Bobby Moynihan is great, but there is nobody, living or dead, better suited for lampooning Rob Ford than Chris Farley. “Shooting, snorting, popping, drinking…,” just watch the video already.

1. Hank and Marie watch the Video Music Awards.

Hank and Marie Schrader perfectly summed up America’s reaction to whatever it was Miley Cyrus was doing onstage that night.

It’s been a weird year.