Our 30 Favorite Pictures From This Year’s Mardi Gras Chewbacchanal

Tuesday was the culmination of the Mardi Gras season, which means it’s another year we get to check in on what the Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus is up to lately. For the meaningful number of $42 per year, dues paying members can participate in the Chewbacchanal revelry. They make geeky parade floats, costumes, and props around any nerdy thing that strikes their fancy, from Star Wars to Sharknado. Whoops, we meant Sharknadeaux.

This year’s Chewbacchanal passed through the St. Claude neighborhood of New Orleans on Saturday, February 7, and we’ve collected another 30 of our favorite Facebook pictures from the parade. Unfortunately, many of the other photos we found were too blurry to include here. Alcohol may have been involved.

The front says, “All hail the sacred drunken wookiee”.

Sharknado (AKA The Krewe of Sharknadeaux)

The parenthetical is very necessary here (because racism).

They Live

Lady Cassandra O’Brien (Doctor Who)

Drax and the Grooters girls

Master Shake (ATHF)


Here’s the Browncoat Brass Band, because every krewe in New Orleans needs a brass band.