The New 2019 Emojis Make A Big Move Toward Representation And Inclusion

Emojipedia has released its Emoji Version 12.0 update, featuring a whopping 230 new emojis that will be coming out in 2019. This time around, the new emojis focus on diversity and inclusiveness like no other update has before.

Those with disabilities will finally be represented, with manual and motorized wheelchairs, as well as men and women of varying skin tones sitting in both kinds of wheelchairs. There’s also a walking stick (probing cane) for the blind, a seeing eye dog, service dog, and both men and women of varying skin tones using a cane. Likewise, there will also be a hearing aid emoji, blind people emojis, and mechanical arms and legs for those with missing limbs.

Couples of various ethnicity and sexual orientation will also now be represented, with mixed skin tone support for gender neutral or gender inclusive individuals holding hands, two women holding hands, two men holding hands, and a man and woman holding hands.

Other random updates include a yawning face, pinching fingers, and animals such as an orangutan, flamingo, skunk, oyster, otter, and sloth.

Other new updates include swim attire, medical equipment, toys, hobbies, and food such as a waffle and stick of butter, falafel, and ice cube. You can view the entire list here, or in the video above.