A 24-Carat Gold NES Is The Most Expensive 8-Bit System Ever And It’s Totally Worth It

Entertainment Editor

Do you yearn for the days when cartridges ruled and Nintendo was the king of gaming? Those days have returned, if only for a few lucky and rich gamers, because this 24 carat gold NES is fit for royalty. Priced at a cool 5,000 bucks and with only 10 consoles created, this is by far the most decadent outdated gaming system in the history of gaming.

But it’s not like the creators of this special Analogue NT just slapped some gold plates on their modernized version of the NES and called it a day, this entire package is made with the true love of a gamer. Inside the gorgeous box is a pair of white gloves, so fingerprints may never defile its perfect shine. The system is like the regular Analogue NT — updated for modern TVs with an HDMI cable and modernized power brick — but it’s what’s underneath the stunning system that brings everything together.

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