25 Ray Guns, Blasters and Phasers Inspired by the Sci-Fi of Yesteryear

The best part of technology that has never existed is that there is no logic that determines what it must look like. These artists have capitalized on the situation to make some of the gnarliest ray guns ever imagined often using spare parts from common household items. An old metal hose nozzle? Looks like a sweet blaster barrel to me! Check out these hand crafted pistols and see if it doesn’t inspire you to make a gun with parts you have laying around your house.

Alien Scorpion Retro Ray Gun $125

Dr. Cid’s Disruptor Pistol $110

Clockwork Vapourizer $709

CPN-40 Ray Gun $800

Death Ray Hand Gun for Air Pirates $155

Dr. Cid’s Disruptor Cannon $125

CL 11,000 Cunningham Chemo-Galvanic Rifle $30

Long Retro Ray Gun $129

Captain Robbin Victoria Cabbet Needler Blaster $90

Blue Boy Blaster Mark II Retro Ray Gun $100

Retro Ray Gun $120

Formsby Thrush V Petite Ray Gun $85

Mark IV Phase Pistol $99

Long Barreled Laser $60

Particular Amplifier $200

Professor Von No O’s Atomic Annihilator Pistol $225

Professor Von No O’s Cellular De-regulator Pistol $225

Professor Von No O’s Particle Pistol $250

Cosmic Ray Gun $175

Ray Gun Brooch $47

LR-11 Rowsdower AKA Gingerdead Man $20

Old Vic Retro Ray Gun $110

Will Rockwell’s Blaster $300

Intergalactic Gun Pistol $24.99


Retro Future Ray Gun Pin $43