25 Wikipedia Personal Appeal Juxtapositions That Bring The Lulz

Ever since Jimmy Wales and Wikipedia relaunched their personal appeals pledge drive I’ve had humorous juxtaposition screengrab after humorous juxtaposition screengrab pop on my radar on a daily basis. Not sure if it’s the Tumblr effect or the employee photo rotation this time around (Ward Cunningham, inventor of the wiki and jazz hands, is currently at bat) but I certainly don’t remember seeing or being amused by as many of these as I am now.
And since they’re never not lulzy, and since Wikipedia will seemingly be asking for donations till the end of time, I made a note to revisit personal appeal juxtapositions during a particularly dead period on the internet. Guess what, folks? Things are currently about as dead as they get. Like Jon Bon Jovi dead. OK, a bit more dead than that.
So here’s a whole bunch of them that made me giggle a “butt soup” giggle. Dude in the sunglasses deserves some sort of award.
Sources: A Personal Appeal, #Wikipedia, #Please Read, Social Spew