26 States Actually Want to Teach Science

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05.14.12 7 Comments

If there’s one problem that’s defined science in America in the twenty-first century, it’s the fact that a small but vocal and politically active part of the country wants to jam their fingers in their ears and scream about how it’s not true because this book they’ve never actually bothered to read closely or understand the history of says its not true so shut up.

Which is why a few states are allowing high schools to “teach the controversy” on evolution and glossing over just how dumping billions of tons of crap into our atmosphere might be affecting the planet, instead of encouraging their students to develop critical thinking skills and ask questions. We’re sure that’s going to do wonders for the unemployment rate, about ten years down the line.

Fortunately, twenty-six states have decided to actually teach, you know, science instead of “politically motivated pap”.

Essentially it wants to turn elementary, middle and high school science into a consistent whole, taking the focus off of facts and applying more focus on process. In other words, instead of learning about energetic reactions, students would be encouraged to actually blow things up.

The standards are still in draft, and you can weigh in on the website, but it’s honestly just nice to see somebody in education standing up for science for once.

image courtesy Kingsway School on Flickr

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