260MPG Car Is Actually Stylish?

One thing we’ll give the Formula XL1, it’s got a look to it. The look that everybody in the early ’90s thought all cars were going to look like, but it has a look nonetheless, unlike the bland Prius or other hybrids.
It needs looks because it lacks oomph. It’s got a 47 horsepower two-cylinder diesel engine, and a 27 horsepower electric motor. Which still makes it more powerful and manly than my Geo Metro, but that’s only because I haven’t wound up the rubber band in a few days.
Unlike most cars that look cool but never see release, about a hundred of these are going to be unleashed on the market. They’re insanely expensive, but, hey, at least they actually exist.
Video of the earth warrior on the next slide.

[ via the gearheads at CNET ]