'Shadow Of The Eternals' Hits Kickstarter (Again)

07.26.13 6 years ago 4 Comments

Yes, Shadow of the Eternals has risen from the grave again. As you may recall, a studio by the name of Precursor Games popped up a couple months ago, and asked gamers to give them 1.5 million dollars to make a “spiritual successor” to Gamecube cult-classic Eternal Darkness. Unfortunately this “new” developer bore an uncanny resemblance to Silicon Knights, the studio that made Eternal Darkness, before crumbling under the weight of financial mismanagement, frivolous lawsuits and hubris. Understandably people were less than excited to give a re-skinned Silicon Knights their money. Lagging well short of their 1.5 million goal, Precursor took down their Kickstarter, citing “exciting new opportunities”, but promised it’d be back.

Then the game’s co-writer was arrested on child pornography charges.

Yeesh. If this game gets made, one of the stages should take place in the Precursor Games offices, because this project is cursed. So with that said — great news guys, Shadow of the Eternals is back up on Kickstarter! Boy, I hope these crazy kids make it this time! Hit the jump for a lengthy new trailer…

This time around, Precursor are only asking for $750,000 and recently-canned Solid Snake voice actor David Hayter will be in the game. Which is something, but ehhh — at this point I think I’d have to be under the effect of a real-life “sanity effect” to support this project.

Stay tuned for the next Shadow of the Eternals disaster! Maybe their head programmer will be outed as an Al-Qaeda member! A plague of locusts descend on the Precursor offices! It could be anything!

via Polygon & Kotaku

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