3-On-3 Basketball Coming To Olympics?

04.09.13 6 years ago 16 Comments

Ever want to watch LeBron, Kobe and KD knuckling up against the best that the rest of the world has to offer? The kind of match-ups previously reserved for special modes in 2K might soon be coming to an Olympic stage. Per ESPN:

“3-on-3 basketball and BMX freestyle are trying to join the Olympics… Three-a-side half-court basketball successfully debuted at the 2010 Youth Olympics in Singapore, and the International Cycling Union proposes adding street-style BMX and a mountain bike eliminator, which is a sprint race involving four riders.”

I think I speak for every hoop head out there when I say: make this sh*t a reality, oh wise and powerful IOC. Not like an American squad would really lose to another country (try as China and Spain might), but a tournament with multiple squads from multiple countries? That’s must-watch television.

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