300 Level One Naked Orcs Take Out Gamon

Entertainment Editor

Gamon is a level 85 warrior NPC with 1937K health who hangs out at the bar in the Horde city of Orgrimmar in World of Warcraft.  (Nerdiest sentence I’ve ever typed? Possibly.)  There’s a quest where you have to pickpocket him to get a key, and, if you can pickpocket an NPC, they can also be killed.  He’ll drop some copper and loot then reappear five minutes after dying. Anybody can pick a fight with this drunken warrior, but usually you’ll get your ass handed to you for trying now that he’s a level 85.  So it’s amusing to report that 300 players decided to take him on, all of them playing as level one Orcs stripped down to their skivvies.  Granted, they probably wouldn’t have succeeded if it weren’t for a few level 85 players passing by who also took shots at Gamon, but that isn’t going to stop me from laughing at this.

Gamon’s come a long way since he was a level 12 punching bag who would get kited around and dropped in other areas or he couldn’t be found because he was getting killed as soon as he reappeared.  And yet he hasn’t come far enough to escape the rage of 300 naked orcs.


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