365 Songs Is Heartwarming, Hilarious

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Chris Sands got about the worst news you can get as a musician: he had a rare brain tumor and removing it was going to essentially make it impossible for him to make music for a while. A good chunk of his body was numb and essentially needed to recover. Sands spent his time in recovery playing the PSP game “Beatorator”, which is actually a lot of fun by the way, and discovered that, as he healed, he didn’t have the energy or time to record full songs…

But he could record snippets, and put them into the game. So he decided to do what anybody would: he’s using the clips he can record and the game to make 365 songs, one a day, for a year.

The great thing is that the songs are actually pretty good. Nothing earth-shaking, but they have a great garage-rock feel to them and a lot of them are actually pretty funny. Maybe when Sands feels better, he can go on tour.

[ via Kotaku ]

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