New Emojis Are (Hopefully) Coming Soon, Including The Internet’s Beloved Bacon

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08.20.15 4 Comments


As people revert back to communicating primarily with pictures like the Egyptians of old with their hieroglyphics, emojis are becoming a more and more integral part of the human experience. However, for every awesome cat or sushi emoji, there is an oversight, a huge gap in our golden-faced roster. Luckily, that gap may soon be narrowed, thanks to the 38 additional emojis currently being considered by Unicode Consortium for a summer 2016 release.

Some of the potential new emojis make sense. Bacon, avocado, and champagne (for when you feel extra classy) are all good additions in the food category, and there will finally be a nauseated face for when your hangover is just too much. A few of the present emojis will also be getting partners… the dancing lady will get a blue tuxedo-clad dancing man, Mrs. Claus will join Santa, and a crown-wearing prince will share the spotlight with the current princess. A few of the potentials are a little bit more baffling, especially the TERRIFYING clown face and the disembodied arm taking a selfie. There is still no sign of a middle finger emoji. If you can’t send a one-fingered salute to your friends and enemies, what is even the point?

A different expansion pack that included a taco emoji was approved in June, but is still missing from Apple and Android devices due to a lengthy design process. Hopefully they’ll be showing up on phones everywhere soon.

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