40 More Nerdy Pumpkins

Last Friday we brought you galleries of geeky jack-o’-lanterns and pop culture jack-o’-lanterns. Today we bring you another forty carved pumpkins because pumpkins are evil and must be punished. And because it’s Halloween. But mostly because pumpkins are evil and must be vanquished, and it is the custom of our people to bake their innards into pies so we can ingest them with the whipped emissions of cattle and absorb their power. Then we put a cleansing fire inside their emptied skin and set them in front of our homes as a warning to the other pumpkins.

Redditor sternenhimmel also posted proof that this is real.

“A while back I carved my first real pumpkin for the Blizzard pumpkin contest (and won). I wanted to share it with everyone here.” — geareddev

“My ‘Wizard’ submission to the 2011 Blizzard Pumpkin Contest” — geareddev

Battlestar Cylon

Settlers Of Catan Board


Dungeons & Dragons Beholder

Carve ALL the pumpkins! — moohoohoh


Never gonna give you up.

Still need more pumpkins? Why not Zoidberg?