Celebrate 4/20 With This Blooper Reel Of The Most Stoned People To Ever Appear On Live TV

Happy marijuana day, everyone! Stoners across the country are celebrating this most joyous 20th day of April in a variety of ways, such as by passing out joints in cannabis-friendly Washington D.C. or figuring out new ways of ingesting the drug. And of course, smoking lots and lots of weed.

But we thought we’d also pay tribute to the unsung heroes of 4/20, as in those who entertain us year-round by popping up in live news broadcasts stoned out of their minds. Just in time for the holiday, News Be Funny has compiled this clip of some of the funniest stoners ever to appear on live TV.

Surely you’ll recognize some classics here, like Anderson Cooper’s poor correspondent who got a giggly contact high while covering Colorado’s legal pot dispensaries, the guy who was so baked that he literally forgot why he was being interviewed on live TV mid-interview, another stoner who was so high that he accidentally led cops on a 100mph chase, and one reporter covering a May snowstorm in Colorado who clearly sampled some of the state’s product and thought the whole thing was far out, man.

Why don’t we all move to Colorado until the rest of America figures this out?