’47 Ronin’ Has A New Slicin’ And Dicin’ International Trailer

There’s not much we know about 47 Ronin so far. But this new international trailer confirms one thing; there’s going to be a lot of people getting sliced up by katanas.

Here’s the trailer, which despite being short is pretty straight to the point, or rather cutting edge:

Mostly what makes us happy here? Long cuts. There’s not a frame of Keanu spinning the sword and then a jump cut to some other guy swinging it. It looks like he’s actually doing his own combat again, here, and that could make this movie a lot more promising.

We’re starting to get excited about this movie. For one thing, it’s something a little different from the usual stuff. For another, the more we see of it, the more it looks like there’s a lot of influence from the kind of wuxia high fantasy movies that never really got any traction in the West, but are a hell of a lot of fun in their own right. And honestly, it’s got lots of guys fighting with swords, which may not be a mark of quality but is generally a sign a movie will be a lot of fun. 47 Ronin attacks this Christmas.