49ers-Packers Wild Card Live Blog

Not sure if you heard but it’s gonna be a touch cold in Lambeau this afternoon. I know, that’s so irregular for Green Bay in January. Temperatures are expected to be in the single digits, with the wind chill dipping into the negatives. Meanwhile, the forecast calls for room temperature in my apartment when I’m watching the game, though I may turn the thermostat up a few degrees when I see people freezing in the stands. Though reminders that Colin Kaepernick grew up a Packers fan just might outnumber references to the weather.

Even though the Packers are perennial contenders and got their MVP quarterback back in the lineup, they’re acting like they’re an underdog no one is giving a chance to win. Always amusing when good teams do that.


Forget the difference in record. The reason the Packers feel this way is because the 49ers have already beat them three times in the past two seasons. Should the 49ers win again, the last two Packers seasons will have started and ended with loss to the Niners. In the two wins in 2012, San Francisco dominated the Packers on the ground. In the meeting in the playoffs last year, they ran for 323 yards.

The meeting in Week 1 this season instead saw Colin Kaepernick exploit the Green Bay secondary with a huge performance by Anquan Boldin. Throughout the season, the Niners’ passing game struggled to look that dominating again, but the return of Michael Crabtree certainly helped things toward the end of the year.

Speaking of help, the 49ers got a pep talk from Ric Flair, which tackle Anthony Davis shared while also talking shit about Green Bay. Nice multitasking hustle!


Though to be honest, I’d really rather Ric Flair and Jim Harbaugh have a shouting contest.