4chan Played A Cruel Prank That Convinced People To Destroy Their XBox Ones

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12.08.13 18 Comments

Microsoft’s rollout and release of the XBox One has faced as many problems as the system has games. Gamma Squad has your roundup, but the TL;DR version is: how much does a Playstation 4 cost? Anyway, 4Chan, sensing blood in the water, took advantage of the unfortunate situation by devising a cruel prank that, if someone was dumb enough to follow through with it, would make their XBox One obsolete. Via the Daily Dot:

Yesterday, 4chan’s infamous /b/ forum unleashed an elaborate infographic that promises a “hack” to provide backwards compatibility [so you could play XBox360 games on] the Xbox One. There’s just one hitch: Actually following the directions will totally destroy your new toy. (Via)

Microsoft took the prank seriously enough that the company’s PR man tweeted about it:

As ever, all of this can be avoided if you follow Rule #1 of the Internet: never listen to 4chan.

Or else you’ll end up like that poor SOB.

(Via the Daily Dot)

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