The Internet's 5 Best Tributes To Angelina's Right Leg

As I made mention of when pointing you guys towards Seth Rogen’s killer Spirit Awards monologue (he thought Mel Gibson directed Drive!) the only thing I’m not Oscar’d out about the Oscars is Angelina’s right leg. I still get my head around what the f*ck was going on there. I made a mental note this morning that if I saw enough web tributes to her leg I’d do this post, and wouldn’t you know it I just saw another one, which makes it 5: the magical threshold for internet list making.
To start we have the above GIFtacular side-by-side of the OG master of Angelina leg humor, our favorite dean and now Oscar winner, Jim Rash, as immortalized by the spectacular butterfly Ann Perkins Tumblr (aka “Oh, Britta’s in this?”).
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By the bored and demented Old Ghost.
This was inevitable. Via TDW.
The new trend on Buzzfeed.
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