5 Games You Want Coming Out This Week (Sept. 29th – Oct. 5th)

Keeping track of video game releases isn’t as easy as it once was — the volume of games released each week is constantly expanding, and they’re spread over a mind-boggling array of platforms (consoles, PC, Mac, handhelds and mobile).

Well, I’m here to make things a little easier on you. Every week I’ll rattle off five games I think you should check out. These articles are not meant to be comprehensive lists of everything coming out that week — think of them as a nice rounded tasting menu. Each week I’ll try to highlight several games from different corners of the gaming landscape (handhelds, consoles, indie, PC, you name it) then finish up with a “Pick of the Week”.

Hit the jump for the five games you’re going to want to check out this week…

This Week’s Basketball Game

NBA 2K14 (PC, Xbox 360 & PS3, Oct. 1st)

Hey, a game for sport I actually care about! Yes, I’m a Canadian who watches the NBA — what of it? Anyways, NBA 2K14 should be the usual tight game of hoops.

This Week’s Portable JRPG

Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl (3DS, Oct. 1st)

For those not in the loop, the Etrian Odyssey games are egregiously difficult (and totally addictive) old-school dungeon hack RPGs. Like most dungeons hacks, they’ve traditionally been very light on story, but that changes Etrian Odyssey Untold — this game is a remake of the original Etrian Odyssey, except with a story and actual characters instead of a collection of generic classes. If you like a challenging RPG, but have been put off by the generic look of past Etrian Odyssey titles, this may be the game for you.

This Week’s Other Portable JRPG

Rune Factory 4 (3DS, Sept. 24th)

I guess it’s cult-ish portable RPG week! The Rune Factory games are spin-offs of the “tend your farm and get married” Harvest Moon series — the difference being, in Rune Factory there’s also dungeons to explore and you keep monsters on your farm instead standard livestock. Don’t worry though, you can still get married and have babies. Squeee!

This Week’s Reminder To Buy Wind Waker Because Nothing Else Came Out This Week

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD (Wii U, Oct. 4th)

This is kind of a weird week for games — we’re getting four pretty solid titles, and then nothing else. So, here’s a reminder that this week you can now get a physical copy of The Wind Waker HD (it’s release a couple weeks back was digital-only).

Pick of the Week

Rain (PS3, Oct. 1st)

The week marks the release of the latest beautiful game from SCE Japan (the studio behind ICO, LocoRoco and many others). This one involves a young boy and girl who are mysteriously turned invisible and can only be seen while standing in the pouring rain — Rain looks to be Sony at it’s artsy best. Prepare to feel some feels guys.

Not a bad week if you’re into slightly obscure Japanese games — or basketball. Planning to grab any of the above-mentioned games? Any games you’re itching to get your hands on that I failed to mention? Hit the comments and let everyone know.