5 Times Scarlett Johansson Caused The Internet To Lose Its Mind

Scarlett Johansson is all over the place this year and I’m not sure the internet can handle her force. We’re getting her as as a manhunting alien in Under The Skin and another dose of Black Widow in the Captain America sequel. Not to mention she’s pregnant, which means there will probably be a bazillion new photos taken of her as, um, things increase in size.

All of this is just another milestone in Scarlett’s history of causing the internet to lose its sh*t. Let’s take a look at some of her previous web winning moments.

1. That time (less than two months ago) Scarlett Johansson made a commercial that was banned from the Super Bowl.

“Grrr, that do-gooder Scarlett Johansson, I’ll never jerk it to her again!” said the angry Pepsi/Coke executive with a shaking fist. ScarJo’s Super Bowl Sodastream spot would have undoubtedly still given the internet a hard-on if it had aired during the game, but the fact that it didn’t made it that much more salacious. You put a title with “Scarlett Johansson Banned _______” and clicking is simply involuntary.

2. That time Scarlett Johansson had her phone hacked and her NUDE pics exposed to the world.

As great as Scarlett Johansson’s nude cell phone pics were — and they were really great — what was even more interesting was how the internet responded. A celebrity’s nude photos have an extra special kind of power if they can spawn their own #johanssoning meme . That guy who hacked her phone gave so much more to the web than he will ever know, and it only cost him a $150,000 in fines.

3. That time Scarlett Johansson fell down and won the internet.

The internet loves itself a clumsy celebrity, and while any celebrity taking a tumble will elicit attention, only the most worthy become a meme. Sure, Eddie Vedder and Jennifer Lawrence gave us GIFs that will be treasured for years to come, but they just didn’t have the juice that Scarlett Johansson’s fall had in 2012. Scarlett fall down, internet go boom.

4. That time she kissed Sandra Bullock.

MTV should really consider changing the name of their awards shows to “Check Out This Hot Female Celebrity Doing Something Racy” because it’s the one gimmick that is wheeled out every year and every year we bite. I don’t know how much cash MTV threw at Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Johansson for the kiss, but whatever charity they endorse got a fat donation because of it. It was a cheesy ratings boosting stunt MTV knew the internet would eat up. Would I watch again? Hell yes.

5. And it really all leads up to Scarlett Johansson being American internet users go-to-girl.

Hacked cell phone pics, making out with Sandra Bullock, the Black Widow bodysuit, it’s all really just fueling internet users obsession with getting their rocks off to Scarlett — at least in America anyway. Earlier this month, we told you about Sex.com’s report of the most searched women on their site and Scarlett came in at #2, just behind Alexis Texas. Well done, Ms. Johansson, but just how do you feel about all these googly eyes searching you out?

“I think porn, like anything else, can be enjoyed. It can be productive for both men and women.”Via Hollywood.com

Alright, so no reason to feel awkward about your Scarlett Johansson search history. Cool.

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