50 Cent Is Donating $100,000 To Autism Speaks After Making Fun Of An Autistic Airport Janitor

50 Cent
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50 Cent came under fire this week when he saw fit to insult an autistic teenager at an airport and record the incident for social media. The rapper was under the impression that the teenager was “high as a motherf*cker” as he worked his job as a janitor at the Cincinnati International Airport. He recorded himself berating 19-year-old Andrew Farell with insults and uploaded the video to Twitter before deleting it shorty thereafter.

Not surprisingly, 50 eventually apologized and now he’s putting his money where his mouth is. According to 50 himself – and verified by TMZ – he’s donated $100,000 to Autism Speaks, the same organization Farell’s family asked that he give $10,000 to. The rapper gave 10 times that and issued a statement saying he hopes “to turn this misunderstanding into an understanding,” while calling it a “worthy” cause.

The dollar amount is a little surprising, especially after all of 50’s bankruptcy drama in the past year but at least he’s working proactively to make up for his mistake. No matter how hollow his apology may have been, a hundred grand is a hundred grand and should do some good.