6 Sci-Fi Foods That Look Worth a Try

The future! It’s going to be a strange and scary place, and no part of the future is going to be stranger and scarier than the food. Even sci-fi series that are generally pretty upbeat about the future like Star Trek still try to pack in plenty of food gross-out scenes. If your sci-fi movie script doesn’t have at least one “Whoooa ho, look at the crazy s–t they eat for lunch in the future!” scene, you’ve pretty much failed as a screenwriter.

That said, as much we’re supposed to be turned off or weirded out by most sci-fi depictions of food, I still think some future foods look kinda tasty. Here are five sci-fi foods I think would be worth a try…

                                            Spock is toootally about to Vulcan sex this lady up. 

I mostly put this one on the list because I’m pretty into any kind of foodstuff that’s blue. Also, I like to imagine that the fearsome Romulans just hang around all day downing blue raspberry flavored girly drinks when not plotting the Federation’s downfall.

Mmmm, good and mucus-ey. 

Then again, I’m not much of a drinker. Most of the time I’d probably stick to thick, delicious Bantha Milk.

Everything about this scene is completely stupid/great. Milla Jovovich’s terrible acting, the fact that she puts the bowl of chicken pills into the microwave for less than a second, the ludicrously oversized roast turkey she pulls out — basically what I’m saying is I’d be okay with living the rest of my life in a universe that’s just this 45 seconds of film repeating on an infinite loop.

I’m pretty sure the BBQ Bacon Wrapstar is stage one of Taco Bell’s world restaurant takeover scheme. Stage two is installing piano bars where guys sing about Green Giant vegetables for some reason.

Just cover the eyes as you bite down and there’s nothing to be guilty about. 

I think we’re supposed to be grossed out or something once it’s revealed popplers are baby aliens, but this episode of Futurama mostly just makes me crave some popcorn chicken.

You kind of have to admire the ingenuity of just straight up using a bulldozer for crowd control.

I’ve only ever watched the first half of this movie, but it sure makes that Soylent Green stuff seem tasty!



Eh, well, maybe I’d only try a little bit. You know, keep it a special occasion sort of thing.

What about you folks? Any sci-fi delicacies that you particularly want to try?