Let’s Celebrate Patrick Stewart’s Birthday By Recalling Some Of Our Favorite Patrick Stewart Moments

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The greatest British knight the web has ever known is celebrating a birthday today. Patrick Stewart is 74 years-old — supposedly. (More on that a little later though.) No other older gentleman on the planet is using the internet and social media better than Patrick Stewart, which is actually quite amazing. He’s adapted to it so well, yet somehow avoided pizza for 70 years. Figure that one out…

Running down the list of the times that Patrick Stewart has conquered the internet with and without Sir Ian Mckellen by his side is rather lengthy, but I gave it a shot. Viral videos, Twitter sensationalism, memes — the guy does it all and these are his six biggest web wins.

1. He and Ian McKellen are putting all other straight/gay bromances to shame.

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are the internet’s poster boys for famous/English/gay/straight/senior citizen/actors that know how to have a good time better than anyone. I’m not sure what the point is of always wearing those Charlie Chaplin hats, but everything they do from hanging out at Coney Island to taking over Late Night with Seth Myers looks like they’re having the time of their lives.

patrick Stewart, Ian Mckellen


2. His incredibly passionate response to a fan’s question about domestic violence.

Patrick Stewart is a master at showcasing his zany and fun side to the internet, but he also won us over with his response to a fan’s question regarding domestic violence. Stewart had previously spoken at Amnesty International regarding his own experiences with domestic violence as a child after his father returned from war. The actor was taking questions from Star Trek fans at a comic convention last year when an audience member thanked him for helping her recognize her own abusive situation, and asked him what he felt was his greatest accomplishment outside of acting. His response is worth checking out if you haven’t already.

3. Nobody can touch his accents of regional cows impression.

If there’s another Shakespearean actor who believes they can do a better impression of barnyard animals, step forward. No? I didn’t think so. Unbeknownst to I can only assume 99% of the population, cows have different moos depending on where they’re from with environment and cultural conditioning all having an impact on the moo — duh! Stewart expertly demonstrated the different variances in cow moos on the How to Do Everything podcast.

4. Here he is dressed as a lobster.

If Patrick Stewart is going to waste $50 on a silly lobster costume, you can bet he’s going to get his money’s worth for Halloween. Other celebs trotted out to posh Hollywood-studded parties, not Sir Pat. Nope, he put that costume on, climbed in the bathtub and rode that photo to 39,000 retweets on Twitter.



5. Annoyed Picard meme. Obviously.

Viral YouTube videos, Instagram accounts that send the web into a frenzy, none of them can hold a candle to the meme. The meme is truly the highest status one can achieve on the internet — don’t question why, it just is and always will be, grasshopper — and Patrick Stewart started laying the groundwork for his meme two decades ago. CBS would have you believe that Stewart took his role on Star Trek: The Next Generation for the chance to carry on a beloved franchise — hogwash. The guy knew what he was doing, he knew that 1990 episode “Ménage à Troi,” would spawn the perfect way for future internet users to visualize their feelings of “WTF?!”


Know Your Meme

6. He’s somehow impervious to aging.

This isn’t an even an internet win, it’s simply a win over the laws of the universe. Patrick Stewart has somehow escaped the cruel hand of time that ravages us all and stopped aging. I know I told you that he is celebrating his 74th birthday, but that’s really just a guess from Wikipedia. The man stopped aging in 1992, and Stephen Colbert wants to know where he’s getting this virgin’s blood that is keeping his looks at a permanent 52 years of age.

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