‘60's Batman Running Away From Sh*t' Is The Best 60's Superhero Comedy You'll See Today

I’m beginning to realize that 60’s superhero lulz are the way to my heart. I just love them so much. I’m going to propose to 60’s Spider-Man once I think he’s ready to settle down. I plan to keep Batman Running Away from Sh*t around as a side piece though. Just get a look at that utility belt.
Anyhoo, this is all pretty self-explanatory. The old Adam West Batman show relied primarily on three things: cheesy dialogue, cheesy costumes, and cheesy action sequences enhanced either by BAM! graphics and sound effects or by blue screens clumsily recreating outdoor settings (see: Batman vs. Joker surf offs). New Tumblr Batman Running Away from Sh*t capitalizes on ironic appreciation by superGIFposing (?) blue screen Batman and Robin training for a fun run over assorted action scenes from pop culture.
The result: hilarity. You know, because Batman looks like such a p*ssy.
Batman Running Away from Sh*t via Buzzfeed