80s Nintendo Power Once Told Steve Wozniak To Get Lost And Take His Tetris Scores With Him

In the late 70s Steve Wozniak co-founded Apple and created the personal computer with the Apple I and Apple II, but then in the mid-80s he gave up working at Apple to just be Steve Wozniak full-time. So, it’s the late 80s and you’re a nerdy genius with over 100-million dollars in the bank — what do you do with yourself? Become obsessed with getting your Tetris high score in Nintendo Power, of course!

The Woz managed to capture the Nintendo Power Tetris high score, in fact, he claimed it so many months in a row Nintendo Power told him to give it a rest and stop sending in his scores. So he just reversed his name and sent in his score as Evets Kainzow, which was apparently enough to fool the crack anti-fraud division at Nintendo Power.

So yeah, what a different world we live in now. Imagine if tomorrow some hotshot tech guy like say, Mark Zuckerberg decided to start sending in high scores to Nintendo power. The story would go viral, Nintendo Power would splatter his name all over the cover, Nintendo would try to get him to appear in a Tetris commercial and David Fincher would make a movie about it. Back in the 80s, Nintendo Power just told Steve Wozniak to f–k off and let some other kids play. Good on ya’ 80s Nintendo Power.

via Kotaku

Steve Wozniak with Gameboy via Nintendo Power