This Plucky 9-Year-Old Breaking News Reporter Refuses To Be Silenced By Critics

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04.06.16 3 Comments

Nine-year-old reporter Hilde Kate Lysiak got the scoop of a very short lifetime when a murder occurred near her home in Selinsgrove, Pa. The enterprising publisher of Orange Street News managed to beat everyone to the story and published it on her website. But because the internet is a sweaty den of anger and vitriol, people lined up to attack the third-grader, telling her to go “play with dolls.”

The Facebook page of the Orange Street News was swarmed with naysayers who didn’t approve of Lysiak’s investigation. Several commenters attacked Lysiak’s parents for letting her get involved.

One commenter wrote “does no one realize that this is a 9 year old reporting this type of graphic information…I mean, what parents are encouraging this type of behavior!”

Lysiak has responded to the hate with a video. First, she reads some of the responses “Mean Tweets”-style over “Everybody Hurts.” Then, the video cuts to a message straight from Hilde herself.

“I know several of you just want me to sit down and be quiet because I’m 9. If you want me to stop covering the news, then you get off the computer and do something about the news. There. Is that cute enough for you?”

Lights Camera Jackson, take note.

(Via Washington Post)

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