This 90-Year-Old Woman Stuns The Internet By Posing In Bikini And Showing Off Some Real Body Confidence

It’s April, so we’re knee-deep in that part of the ad cycle that reminds us that we only have two months to lose all our weight, get the bodies we “deserve,” and turn it out for “bikini season.” Turns out, though, that the companies reminding us that only the fittest and hottest get to put on a two-piece and flaunt it on a Carnival Cruise has a pretty strong adversary: Her name’s Irene Carney, she’s 90, and a picture of her posing in a bikini is going viral.

The picture, which was posted to Facebook by Lady Watego (where Carney bought the bikini) has received an outpouring of support, because a) who’s going to me with a 90-year-old doing whatever the hell she wants, and b)how cool is it that a 90-year-old is going on vacation, chilling in a bikini, and posing for pictures? Pretty cool! (As long as she’s taking all the necessary precautions to keep her skin safe.)

Here’s the full pic:

Carney, who hasn’t yet been asked to walk any runways, told Lady Watego that she got the bikini at the urging of friends, family, and caregivers. She wore it on a family cruise (hope none of her grand kids were embarrassed) and probably doesn’t get what all the fuss is about right now. Perhaps, however, Carney’s starting a new trend in swimwear. How long before SeaFolly (the brand that makes the high-waisted Minnie Mouse number Carney’s rocking in the pic) puts the nonagenarian on the cover of their latest catalog?