A 91-Year-Old Is Accused Of Smuggling 4.5 Kilos Of Cocaine

08.11.15 4 years ago
Man leaves court

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While returning from a trip to India to meet some online friends, 91-year-old retired oral surgeon Victor Twartz gladly accepted a bag full of presents to bring back home for someone in Australia.

The gifts were in fact 4.5 kilos of cocaine, pressed inside several bars of soap. Twartz was stopped when he arrived at the Sydney Airport, when the 27 bars of soap he had packaged in his luggage triggered positive readings for drugs.

4.5 kilos of cocaine hidden in bars of soap

Nine News

According to ABC News Australia, the man had no reason to believe it wasn’t actually soap:

“It was soap — I opened it up and scratched it and it certainly was soap but it had some white streaks in it, which I am told was cocaine,” Victor Twartz told 7.30 after appearing in court this morning.

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