A 14-Year-Old Girl Was Forced To Live In The Woods As Punishment For Eating A Pop Tart

It seems that properly parenting a child is an impossible concept for some people to comprehend. For certain parents it’s so hard to understand, in fact, that their own stupidity ends up putting them behind bars. Such is the case with James Driggers and his wife, Crystal, who apparently thought sending their teenage daughter to live in the woods was a suitable punishment. What was the horrific act the child did, you ask? Eat a Pop Tart.

According to authorities, the unnamed 14-year-old girl was forced to live in a tent for a week in the woods behind the Driggers’s property. The teenager was given only a roll of toilet paper, flashlight, watch, and a whistle. She was also told by the couple to come to the backyard fence at certain times for food.

Thankfully, authorities found the girl alive and well on Friday night. The parents were promptly arrested, and charged with child neglect.

These are the the kind of stories that make one wish stoning folks was still a thing.

(Via WWPL)