A 5-Year Old Arizona Boy Dropped His Shorts On The Playground And Was Cited For Sexual Misconduct

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06.27.14 18 Comments


An Arizona mom opened up to the local news this week about a bizarre problem that her 5-year old son has been dealing with since a playground incident in April. The kindergartner was apparently playing on the playground at his school, as kids tend to do, when another boy approached him and demanded that he either pull his shorts down or he’d do it for him. Typical childhood bullying hijinks, possibly, but her son complied and his teacher immediately noticed the boy with his shorts and underwear around his ankles. For his act, Erica Martinez’s son was cited for sexual misconduct on his permanent school record, and he was told to sign the document to confirm it.

A 5-year old.

According to AZFamily.com, Martinez is now speaking out about how the school’s officials failed to explain the incident to her before they told the boy that he had to sign a document that he probably didn’t understand at all. The officials have claimed they followed proper procedure, but she’d really just appreciate it if they didn’t label him with “sexual misconduct” for the next 12 years of his life. The whole thing’s remarkable, because I was once slapped on the hand in kindergarten for lifting a girl’s dress up, and today I’d have been locked in a dungeon and forced to wear oven mitts on my hands for the rest of eternity.

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