A 74-Year Old New Jersey Man Has Been Writing Love Letters To His Wife Every Day For 40 Years

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02.12.15 3 Comments

Take the puppy back, pawn the jewelry and toss the flowers into a wood chipper. No man stands a chance this Valentine’s Day thanks to 74-year old Bill Bresnan, whose recent interview with ABC News puts even the dreamiest Nicholas Sparks characters to shame. The New Jersey man revealed that he has been writing love letters to his wife of 38 years every single day, and they have more than 10,000 of them filed away in boxes in their home. Just hearing him talk about his wife, Kirsten Bresnan, in the beginning of this interview and after all these years, it’s like he’s a robot that was created by Hallmark to enslave mankind with his adorableness.

Bill said that the cards began as random notes scribbled on napkins while they would get coffee and donuts together after they first met. Eventually, they evolved into cards with beautiful messages, like “I know how perfect you are for me” and “Thank you for being you and loving me,” and they’re signed, “I love you my darling” with an infinity sign. And the reason that he’s talking about it now is because he wants other people to really appreciate what matters, specifically you kids with your phones and tablets.

“I see youngsters at restaurants sitting across from each other buried in their screens but never talking or looking at each other,” Bresnan said. “I want them to enjoy the time they have with each other and treasure it.” (Via ABC News)

Kirsten said that it’s probably time to start getting rid of the cards, but not until she has read them all again one more time.

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