A BBC News Typo Called It The ‘Hardon Collider’ And Twitter Exploded

Let’s be honest — “Hadron” is far too close to “hard on” for comfort. We’ve all thought it before, but few have actually typed the word without spell checking it 15 times. Well, except for the poor soul in charge of the news ticker at the BBC:

This weekend the particle collider was restarted for the first time in two years after a huge upgrade, but unfortunately BBC News made the unfortunate mistake of switching the ‘r’ and the ‘d’ to form a very different piece of machinery. (Via)

Metro reports that Twitter exploded with mostly good-natured jokes about the typo, and while no one tried to file an obscenity complaint with the network, you can be sure the responsible party has a lot of explaining to do. (Not to mention a resume to dust off.)

It could be worse — at least the ticker didn’t include the word “large.”

(Via Metro)