A Brief, Random History Of My Mom The Gamer

Hey, this Sunday is Mother’s Day! So yeah, consider yourself warned! Better hit the Hallmark or at least give your mom a call or we’re all going to be very disappointed in you.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way — moms and video games. While every family’s different, I have a feeling my experiences with my mom and video games were pretty typical. For the most part my mom ignored video games — they were something to keep us kids busy, or alternately something that often kept us too busy when she wanted us to do our homework or go outside. Every once in a while though, something would click and my mom would totally get into a certain game. The fascination would never last long, but for a short while I could share my favorite hobby with my mom, which felt kind of special. Or at least weirdly novel.

Here’s a brief history of my mom the gamer…

Bowser — indirectly teaching me so many wonderful new words.