A British Teen’s Selfie Video Documented Her Six-And-A-Half Year Battle With A Hair Pulling Disorder

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07.22.14 4 Comments

A young woman named Rebecca Brown, who goes by “Beckie0” on social media, has been documenting her struggle with Trichotillomania, a disorder similar to OCD that compels her to pull out her own hair, strand by strand. According to her Tumblr, Brown has been struggling with the disorder (in addition to depression and suicidal tendencies) since she was twelve, and at fourteen years old decided to start this selfie project — both recording her day to day battle and helping her cope with it. (Or, you know, as they were called 2007: “self portraits.”)

The result is a beautiful and heartbreaking portrait into a young woman’s life. Now twenty-one, Brown says in the YouTube description that “every day is a struggle not to revert back to baldness,” as she is periodically forced to shave her head when the disorder gets out of control. She seems like a bright and remarkable young person, so here’s hoping that one day she is able to overcome her demons for good.


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