A Canadian Woman Who Gave Birth On A Plane Had No Idea She Was Even Pregnant


Women coming nearly or completely to term without realizing that they’re pregnant is a bizarre phenomenon, which even more bizarrely seems to be an increasingly common occurrence. So much so that TLC was able to build an entire series around it, which was eventually cancelled due to low ratings and not because of say, lack of women who didn’t know they were pregnant. Hell, even I had an acquaintance who got an MRI for what she thought was “stomach cancer” a few years back, only to be informed that she was eight-and-a-half months pregnant. It happens.

In any event, it was probably only a matter of time before someone who didn’t know they were pregnant got on an airplane, like this 23-year-old British Columbia woman, Ada Guan. CBC News reports that Guan and her boyfriend Wesley Branch boarded an Air Canada flight from Calgary to Tokyo, and when the couple arrived in Japan, they were the new parents of a baby girl named Chloe.

Branch’s parents Sandra and David, who live in Penticton, say Guan didn’t realize she was pregnant. “I said to her, ‘Did you not feel anything inside?’ and she said ‘No, every once in a while I felt gas or rumblings in there’ but never thinking it was a baby in there,” says Sandra.

There was no sign the couple were expecting a baby when they saw them three weeks earlier, she added. “She [Guan] said to my son ‘something just fell out of me,'” Sandra said.

Thankfully, there were three doctors on board to help her out, and, as far as we know, the baby seems to otherwise be healthy. Congrats to the new parents, and here’s hoping that this is the biggest surprise their new-found parenthood has in store for them.