Cat Caught Sneaking Saw, Cell Phone Into Brazil Prison

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01.06.13 4 Comments

For anyone who’s been waiting to use “TALK ABOUT A CAT BURGLAR” as a headline, here you go.

Prison guards in Brazil’s northeast Alagoas state say they have foiled a jailbreak plot with a surprising accomplice: a black and white cat.

The cat had a cell phone, drills, assorted batteries and two saws taped to its body when it was spotted by guards on December 31 as it was about to enter the prison in Arapiraca, according to a statement released Saturday by Alagoas state prisons.

Prison officials maintain the items attached to the cat were to be used to facilitate a prison break.

The prison’s more than 250 inmates were all considered suspects as officials said they did not immediately know who the cat was suppose to be aiding. (Via)

A prison spokesperson, via the Daily News, adds that it’ll be tough to figure out which of the 263 inmates the feline belongs to because “the cat does not speak.” (God I hope he wasn’t being sarcastic.) Meanwhile, Ikea Monkey, the Dr. Stanley Goodspeed to Brazil cat’s Frank Hummel, is busy planning his epic comeback. Inside sources reveal it’ll involve a pun better than The Pawshank Redemption.

(Via CNN)

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