Chill Dad Arrested After Throwing Playboy Party For Teen Daughter And All Her Friends

Jeff Lake is the proverbial Chill Dad. He knows what the kids are listening to, what they’re tweet-facing, the names of all the Pretty Little Liars. So for his daughter Olivia’s 18th birthday, he decided to throw her a Playboy-themed party with somewhere between 150-200 teen guests. But don’t worry, he’ll stay out of their way. This pool table in the rec room ain’t gonna play itself.

It happened Friday night on Camino Del Valle in Poway, until neighbor complaints led to a small army of sheriff’s deputies shutting the party down. Deputies say they found two unconscious, intoxicated teenage boys in the house and evidence many of the teens [including girls “dressed in lingerie and wearing bunny ears”] were drinking alcohol.

They arrested Olivia’s father, Jeff Lake, and charged him with violating Poway’s social host ordinance. That ordinance makes it illegal to host a party where underage individuals consume alcohol. It comes with a possible 6-month jail sentence. (Via)

Chill Dad don’t care. Chill Dad would do it again. Chill Dad is cool with his name being the first Google result for “father daughter playboy.” That’s not easy to do.

Via 10 News