A Chinese Man Bought Hundreds Of Tickets To ‘Transformers’ To Win Back His Ex-Girlfriend

There are many ways one could win back their ex-love. A stirring show of romance, a radio over the head, a show of faith that you’ve turned your life around are all ways you can prove to someone that you’re worth another chance. One man from Beijing decided to do that and then ruin it, by purchasing hundreds of tickets to Transformers: Age Of Extinction. From The South China Morning Post:

The young man, surnamed Wang, said on his Weibo microblog that he was dtiched by his girlfriend, who then moved from their home city of Nanjing to Beijing, after he was not able to afford to take her to the cinema.Now, after seven years of resentment, Wang has spent a quarter of a million yuan (HK$314,000) on hundreds of the cinema tickets, which he is giving away for free on the internet in order to show off his newfound wealth.

He said on his Weibo blog that after “striving hard for seven years”, running his own company in Shanghai, he was finally able to afford to book all of the seats in four of the six IMAX theatres in Beijing for this Friday’s showing of Transformers: Age of Extinction, to show his ex-partner what she was missing.

OK, well that’s kind of sweet, I guess. But wasn’t Think Like A Man Too playing or something?

Copies of receipts Wang posted online confirmed the tickets cost 250,000 yuan – about half his claimed monthly income.

“I only want to say that you might have been wrong when you made that decision,” he wrote on his Weibo last week.

He said he would give away tickets to anyone who shared his online post, in an effort to get the news to his ex-girlfriend. (via)

Wang’s post garnered over 110,000 shares with over 30,000 comments, but only around 1,500 have been awarded their ticket to Michael Bay’s newest classic. Not everyone was pleased of course and they let their feelings heard online, the way God intended:

“Thanks to you, now I can’t possibly get an IMAX ticket for tomorrow’s movie,” one blogger complained.

Others were disappointed that the tickets were only for screenings in Beijing. “How can you be so certain that she is in Beijing? You should buy and donate all the IMAX tickets in Chongqing as well in case she is here,” urged another local internet user. (via)

Is it any wonder why the predictions for this Transformers movie were already trending to hit $100 million? I can only hope that this guy’s ex-girlfriend at least talks to him, either to lecture him on being a creep or give him a second chance. If only he were an Uproxx reader, we could’ve saved him some time or at least helped him pick another movie.

(Via South China Morning Post)