A Compendium of Cool Comics Cosplay – Avengers Edition

Welcome to the first of Gamma Squad’s monthly themed cosplay posts. All month we’ve been inviting comics cosplayers, costumers and photographers to submit their work via our Flickr group. Many thanks also to the kick-ass members of TheSuperheroCostumingForum for getting involved and putting their amazing cosplay forward for the feature.
We’ve had some great submissions for our Avengers themed month and we’d like to thank everyone that entered.
Here at Gamma Squad we’re committed to providing a platform and voice for cosplayers and we’d like to spotlight the best of Avengers cosplay in this feature. The inventiveness and creativity of so many people who have brought their favorite superheroes to life should be applauded.
Thanks again to everyone that put their work up for submission and here’s a pick of the best and our Top Three!


Spider-Woman cosplay submitted by theno2fan via Gamma Squad’s Flickr group

With Jessica Drew taking center stage in recent Avengers comics, she’s become a popular choice for cosplayers. This cosplayer definitely gets the Gamma Squad seal of approval for including every detail of her latest costume.


The Avengers – Group cosplay submitted by nightwingflamebird of TheSuperheroCostumingForum

Not just one Avenger, but a whole assembly! This dedicated group of cosplayers were winners of the Group Category at the Superman Celebration in Metropolis, IL last year and show that cosplayers can be all ages. Along with his fellow cosplayers, submitter nightwingflamebird makes for an excellent Dr. Strange, yes?


Black Widow cosplay submitted by Roxanna Meta via Gamma Squad’s Flickr group

Roxanna Meta is an incredible cosplayer and she certainly looks the part as the deadly Black Widow. It takes more than just a black catsuit to bring the character to life and Roxanna has it.


Captain America cosplay submitted by Hollis DZC of TheSuperheroCostumingForum

Hollis has obviously gone to serious effort to recreate this comic book styled Captain America costume and we think it looks incredible, from his ear wings, down to the tips of his pirate boots. The A on his head clearly stands for AMAZING.


Avengers cosplay submitted by kelldar via Gamma Squad’s Flickr group

Bonus points for this cosplay group for including less obvious Avengers like Echo and Mockingbird. Along with a (familiar looking?) Dr. Strange, Daredevil, Wasp, Spider-man, Hawkeye, Captain America and Kelldar herself as Ms. Marvel and a Thor that looks like he could do some serious damage with that hammer, they definitely deserve a place in our Hall of Fame.


Captain America cosplay submitted by huntthejest to Gamma Squad’s Flickr group

Huntthejest seems to have taken a more movie-influenced approach to his Captain America costume and we think it looks fantastic. When your cosplay looks every bit as good as something you’d see on the big screen, you can be proud.


Mockingbird Cosplay submitted by Mockingnerd to Gamma Squad’s Flickr group

Mockingbird might not be the most high-profile Avenger, but we think everyone will agree that Mockingnerd’s cosplay of the character is simply fantastic. With a TV series starring Bobbi Morse in development, we’d be hard pressed to imagine how the costume designers for the show would be able to top this. Outstanding.


Thor cosplay submitted by TallSquall to Gamma Squad’s Flickr group

We think that TallSquall looks simply incredible as the Mighty Thor! Not just rocking the facial hair, but the whole costume is something to be proud of. We salute you, sir! (Although worshiping you as a god may be taking things a bit too far.)


The Avengers cosplay submitted by DarkAvenger84 of TheSuperheroCostumingForum

This amazing group of Avengers cosplayers strikes all the right chords with their costumery, from the Thor who looks like he just stepped from the pages of a Walt Simonson comic, to that fantastic Iron Man costume. Add Black Pather, Spider-man and Captain America to the mix and there’s no way these guys couldn’t make our top three. Way to go!


War Machine cosplay submitted by THESMOKE007 to Gamma Squad’s Flickr group

Wow. That’s all we can say in response to this cosplay. This picture topped our choices this month for having everything going for it – great looks, great photography and incredible costuming. Congratulations to THE SMOKE for being our first Compendium of Comics Cosplay Winner! And we hope everyone will agree that it’s a position that’s well deserved!