A Compendium of Cool Comics Cosplay: Super-Family Week 2

It’s time for Gamma Squad’s Friday cosplay feature, spotlighting the best comic book related costuming from the cosplay community.  We’re again casting the spotlight onto those cosplayers who we think deserve special recognition for coming up with the best costumes, whatever the budget, and the photographers who capture them for posterity.
This week, following last week’s special theme, we’re again diving into the world of the Super-family, friends and foes, showing the very best of  Superman related cosplay. We’d like to thank all those who have submitted their work to our Flickr group, as well as to our friends at The Superhero Costuming Forum and elsewhere for producing some fantastic work for us to spotlight.
We hope you enjoy the selection!

Supergirl cosplay by Twin Bee. Photo by Anna Fischer. Source: Flickr

Kicking things off for this week, another fantastic creation from Twin Bee.

Happy Superman by kal-el40. Source: Flickr

This excellent cosplayer certainly captures the spirit of Kal-El.  

Superboy cosplayed by Brian Milne (Test Subject B) of The Superhero Costuming Forum. Source: The SCF

90s cool comes back to life with this cosplay of Kon.

Power Girl as cosplayed by Tallest Silver. Photo by Jim Blair. Submitted via the Gamma Squad Flickr Group.

The ever fabulous Tallest Silver makes for a rather enraged looking Peeg.

Doomsday as cosplayed by Brinn Londo of The Superhero Costuming Forum. Source: The SCF

An awe-inspiring cosplay of Doomsday in action at Dragon*Con 

Kon-Elle cosplayed by Schpog. Concept and photo by Glasmond. Source: Tumblr

Gender swapped characters are fast becoming popular amongst cosplayers, and we think you’ll agree Schpog looks amazing as Kon-El’s elseworld twin.

Superman cosplayer at San Diego Comic Con 2006. Photo by Earthdog. Source: Flickr

This cosplay has Superman looking super cool.

Supergirl at Animania 2012 as cosplayed by Gabriella Tacchi. Photography by Andy Wana.
Submitted via the Gamma Squad Flickr Group.

Once again featuring this cosplay, but for a special Super themed week, we could hardly overlook such a great shot.

Jor-El – Designed and Constructed by Talondrago (Rick Gonyo) of The Superhero Costuming Forum. Source: The SCF

Since we’re celebrating the Super-family, an excellent reminder that it isn’t all about Kal-El’s cousins.

Superma’am and Power Man as portrayed by Kit Quinn and Steven Meissner. Photo by Gandroid. Source: Flickr

The gender swapped JLA have given us a lot of milage here on Gamma Squad and for this theme we could hardly pass over two of their most prominent members.

Krypto the Superdog as cosplayed by River the Dog at New York Comic Con 2010. Photo by Edward Liu. Source: Flickr

And proving that some exceptions are made by con staff for four legged friends, as long as the costume is good enough.