A Computer In A Keg of Bud?

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OK, this just has to be said, because nobody else will. No, you do not love beer if you made a computer out of a Budweiser keg, and actually kept the Anheuser Busch logo. The French make fun of Budweiser. The French. Have you had French beer? Go try some, and you’ll realize just how terrible that is.
Anyway, this odd combo of nerdery and fratboyism came from an unidentified individual who took the keg, painted it black, and made it a computer case. We have almost no information about this; nothing about the computer, nothing about the guy who made it, really, we’ve got nothing but pretty pictures of this computer (much prettier than the one in the picture to the right), which we will now share with you.

Ugh, how did he even look at this thing and not set it on fire to purge the demons?

We’re gonna find you!

At least it’s pretty.

[ via the winos at SlashGear ]

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