A Couple Vacationed In Albuquerque And Visited Just About Every Major 'Breaking Bad' Location

A couple, the Harrisons, emailed us today with a video they made from their recent vacation to Albuquerque, where they tracked down just about every significant location from Breaking Bad. In other words, it sounds like they had a Breaking Bad geek’s dream vacation.

Here are the places they visited, in order of appearance:

Twisters (Los Pollos Hermanos)
Jesse’s Aunt’s house
Tuco’s hideout (fulminate of mercury!)
Hank and Marie’s house
Spooge’s house
Hank’s workplace
Corner where Combo gets it
Jesse and Jane’s place
Gas station where Walt explodes a car
Gas station where Skyler buys cigarettes / Jesse gets his bike stolen
Kimo theater used in a timelapse
The White house
Saul Goodman’s business
The Doghouse (where Jesse buys a gun)
The Crossroads Motel
The Carwash

If some Albuquerque entrepreneur hasn’t already started a Breaking Bad tour, it might be a good time for someone to start one. (UPDATE: A reader points out that there is a Breaking Bad trolley tour currently operating in Albuquerque.)