A Creepy Craiglister Is Trying To Sell Emily Ratajkowski’s Used Thong For $50

A Craigslist ad posted from a budding underpants entrepreneur in West Hollywood on Wednesday night is offering actress and model Emily Ratajkowski’s used panties for just $50. But just in case anyone might jump to conclusions that this guy is anything less than 100 percent of a gentleman, don’t worry… he didn’t bang her, as he graciously wrote in the ad, which is still live at the time of this writing.

2 days ago Emily Ratajkowski left this thong at my house. No, unfortunately I didn’t bang her, she just changed into her bathing suit in our bathroom and forgot it. But I’m not one to pass up a business opportunity so here they are!

They seem pretty new. Price is listed at $50 but if you want to offer more you’ll move to the front of the line. Buyer pays shipping obviously. This is really a once in a life time opportunity for most of you.

Text me all bids, I’ll also send more photos for verification. I can prove she was at the house.

As BroBible points out, if this is indeed Ratajkowski’s thong, then this guy is selling himself short. I bet some creepy pervert on the internet would be willing to spend at the very least $500 on an authentic pair of Ratajkowski-used panties. Or 2,500 Slim Jims, if that helps put it into perspective.