A Dedicated ‘Star Wars’ Fan Built This Millennium Falcon Entirely Out Of Cardboard

To most people, old cardboard boxes are either temporary cat toys or an annoyance to be smashed flat. To Thomas Richner, they’re the raw materials from which he’ll carve an insanely detailed model of one of the most beloved spaceships of all time.

Richner recently posted a lengthy Imgur gallery where he details building a Falcon entirely out of cardboard from start to finish. It begins with a simple base:

Moves on to building the full internal structure:

And then, of course, the detail work, before he moves on to Photoshopping it:

In all, it took him a hundred and forty-four hours to knock out this model, carved entirely from old boxes he had lying around. We, meanwhile, will be spending one hundred and forty-four hours playing Far Cry 4 in our underwear, so we definitely have to give Richner kudos, he’s got us beat. Maybe he could take over making models, if ILM ever needs a hand.