A Department Store Is In Boiling Water Over This Incredibly Tasteless Rape T-Shirt

Sometimes a department store just can’t control the kinds of t-shirts that make it to the shelves, or at least that’s what the people at The SM Store in the Philippines are hoping furious customers will believe. Yesterday, a writer, poet and concerned shopper named Karen Kunawicz shared the above image of a t-shirt that she found in the boy’s section of SM Store, and needless to say, a lot of people took offense to such an awfully stupid joke about rape. In fact, within the last 24 hours, the image has been shared 4,199 times and plenty of people chimed in to voice their displeasure with Karen’s discovery.

Fortunately, social media provides outrage to reach the intended targets at light speed, and SM has already responded, apologized and claimed that the shirt has been removed from shelves. Additionally, store officials have no clue how the shirt ever ended up in one of their shipments, but it’s safe to assume that someone’s going to get a stern finger-wagging over this one.

Not surprisingly, the t-shirt is also readily available at Foul Mouth Shirts, which offers people who don’t give a crap what anyone else thinks about them everything from smut to filth, but I’d imagine that social media activists will have a hell of a lot harder time convincing them to ditch this rag.