A Detroit Homeless Man Stole An Ambulance To Go To A Strip Club Called ‘The Booby Trap’

An unnamed homeless man made off with an ambulance in Detroit Sunday night, which had been left running with the keys in the ignition while emergency workers rushed a patient into the hospital. The man did so reportedly because he was frustrated with the lack of public transportation options. In Detroit? You don’t say!

To be fair, his need for immediate transportation could almost have been classified as an emergency, as he was headed towards what I’m sure was a very tasteful establishment called “The Booby Trap” on Eight Mile. The Detroit News reports:

The ambulance was tracked by a cellphone left inside it by one of the workers, police said. The vehicle was located near 18 Mile and Ryan Road in Sterling Heights, motoring slowly down the street. The driver told police he was headed to the Booby Trap Bar on Eight Mile, but a phone number to the bar was disconnected. The address to the former site of the Booby Trap matches that of the King of Diamonds strip club.

That’s the saddest part of this story. Not only did the poor guy not get to go to the nudie bar, but the nudie bar he wanted to go to closed down years ago. This sounds like it could be the synopsis of the worst Hallmark movie ever.

(Via @joshkeown, Detroit News, Oakland Press)